While browsing the startups backed and supported by H-FARM in Treviso, Italy, I discovered a really cool platform that collects small Italian producers and offers them an additional sales channel not only in Italy but also in the world.

EAT-TIAMO means I love you eating, basically, I love to eat; you can choose from a variety of locally produced products, the story behind the producer and get inspiration for recipes.

As a die-hard foodie, I have tried several of the products offered, for example I love the Pandolietti olive-oil biscuits mmmh.


And I would go ‘almonds’ for this modica chocolate, typical from Modica, a village in the Southern coast of Sicily, known for its raw chocolate.


I’m missing any products from my region, South Tyrol, a region full of food delights but what isn’t yet can still become (hey guys, I’d love to work for you :D).

Have a sweet day and know where your food comes from – the enjoying factor is doubled!



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