Kaiserschmarrn, lactose-free and semi-glutenfree

I love Kaiserschmarrn, because it has something warming and comforting – it provides with energies, immediate happiness and a sense of (full)fillment.

Kaiserschmarrn is a fluffy shredded pancake, a typical Austrian-Hungarian sweet meal or dessert literally meaning the Emperor’s mess. There are many ways to make a Kaiserschmarrn my version is simple, lactose-free and semi-gluten free. See my version of the recipe below.

The main ingredients are:

milk (I used rice milk but any other lactose free milk is fine)

eggs (advisably organic ones from antibiotics-free chicken) – 1 egg per person. Separate the yolk! Grandmas indication of eggs would be the more the merrier I use 1 egg per person (the dough should be nice and yellow).

flour – I used 1/4 of buckwheat flour (gluten-free, which gives it a special flavour and makes it less sweet)

pinch of salt (every sweet’s secret)

butter (alternatively coconut butter or olive oil)

I usually cook by feeling and do not weight amounts and especially this recipe is based on feeling and instantly made. The best direction I can give, is to start pouring as much milk as the quantity you want to get, then add the egg yolks and mix well. Add as much flour to get a viscous consistency so that it is not too fluid. In a separate bowl the egg whites are beaten until stiff – this is the secrete to fluffiness 🙂 and will make baking powder superfluous. The egg snow is added carefully in the end to all other ingredients.

You can bake in two ways:
1) Heat butter (I used coconut-butter) in a pan and pour a scoop of the fluid dough into it for a couple of minutes until it gets stiff before your turn it upside down and start shredding it with a wooden tool until it gets golden. Ready.
2) Pour the dough into a buttery casserole and bake it in the oven by 150-180° degrees for about 20 minutes. Shred it in the end.

Serve with icing sugar or agave syrup. Traditionally, a lingonberry jam is served. I prefer the dough plain but you can add also: raisins if you prefer it sweeter, almond shreds to add a crunchy part or apple pieces.

served with icing sugar



served with dates syrup
This one is with loads of eggs (and no buckwheat flour and normal milk) served with lingonberry jam

Happy Kaiserschmarrn times 🙂



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