Road-trip Sicily Part 2 (South-Coast)

Pachino & le ‘isole delle correnti’

The Pachino pomodori is this tiny oval-shaped very sweet tomatoe perfect to make a simple tomatoe sauce. They grow in this very particular region at the most southern part of the island where they get much sun and the right amount of marine breeze. I found it very meditative to drive through the dry fields mostly covered with white (not so pretty) plastic greenhouses. It is common to see a fire burning the too dry fields.

Must visit: Isole delle Correnti – is where the two Mediterranean and Ionian sea come together.


Modica (Scicli) 

Should be on every chocaholic’s bucket list.

Must visit: Antica Dolceria ‘Bonajuto’. Modica, a beautiful ancient small town  is known for their chocolate tradition with Aztec-Spanish recipes according to which chocolate is not heated over 40 degrees thus maintaining all the precious antioxidants and nutrients of the cocoa beans. When the sugar is added it doesn’t melt giving the chocolate the particular and funny granular texture when biting on it. It’s divine; not only delicious but healthy too.

Eat: at ‘Locanda del Colonnello‘ in Modica Alta, at the heart of Modica amidst the Hotel Palazzo Failla. Simple and genuine ingredients with over 300 wines.


Scala dei Turchi (Realmonte) 

The white rocks are a natural spectacle not only because of their color but of their almost-perfectly engineered stairs.



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